Volunteer of the Year 2015

Jenny Wolpert

Congratulations to Jenny Wolpert Many Mansions Volunteer of the Year 2015!

Jenny Wolpert, a Many Mansions volunteer since 2010, has been an absolute delight and a true embodiment of an outstanding volunteer through her work ethic and care of our Many Mansions residents, specifically in our Children Services programs. Jenny always brings a positivity that is contagious among staff and children alike. Jenny responds to the needs of our resident children with care and patience and brings trusting assistance to any staff needs. Jenny has always been “present” with dedication and purpose at any volunteer task. She is also a warm, giving and thoughtful soul, it was always apparent that everything she did came straight from her big heart. Jenny has always been outstanding, helping with supervision, ensuring that the children had whatever they needed, helping in setting up and implementing activities and assisting the children in completing them, and helping them behave appropriately and be responsible. The Community Room was always a better place when Jenny and her positive spirit were in it, and it was evident that the children always felt that too. Jenny Wolpert has represented the kind of volunteer that we or anyone else would ever hope to find and have the privilege of working with, and we remain deeply appreciative of all of her time, energy and contributions.