Volunteers of the Month April 2015

Haver Family

Congratulations to the Haver Family our Volunteers of the Month for April!

The Haver’s are an inspirational family that have generously given their time, their hard work, and their compassion to Many Mansions! They help every month, on an early Saturday morning, with Food Share. Also, they have helped with the Holiday Gift program and they have done all this for over 6 years! They believe and live by a quote from Albert Einstein, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

This family includes Amanda (Mom), Drew (Dad), and their two sons Kelly (18 years old) and Will (15 years old). Amanda and Drew grew up in Thousand Oaks and have brought up their own family here, too. They love the area! Both parents are teachers in CVUSD – Amanda teaches 5th Grade at Aspen Elementary and Drew teaches 6th Grade math and science at Sycamore Canyon Elementary. Kelly is a senior and Will is a freshman at TOHS.

In the Food Share program, The Haver’s allocate all the food into bags, then use their truck to transport 36+ bags of food to Bella Vista, distribute the bags to the residents, and supervise any new volunteers in that program. Over the years, they have developed caring relationships with the residents they deliver to. One time there was a resident that wasn’t home at the time of delivery, and they learned he was in the hospital, at the end of his life, without any family. The Haver’s were very distraught and tears were shed.

On a much happier note, another resident once made them a cake in the shape of a heart – again tears (happy ones) were shed!

The family thinks that Many Mansions is an amazing organization! They feel the leaders are incredibly passionate about what they do, the organization manages incredible amounts of donations from the community wisely, and helps so many people. And just as it is delightful for us to present their story here, they tell others that volunteering for Many Mansions is a most delightful experience!