New Beginnings With Many Mansions

Rodney ThompsonI had never heard of affordable housing until I came to be aware of Many Mansions. Previously, I had worked in student housing and market-rate housing in various management and leasing roles. My focus primarily was on working in film and television production. I had ended my last contract job as a videographer and was having a challenging time finding my next production-related position.

Quickly, my savings drained as I continued to pay the incredibly high rental rates in Los Angeles while unemployed. I was becoming desperate and fighting the need to return home to Alabama due to a lack of income. I began to look back into property management jobs in order to obtain discounted or free housing.

During my search, I came across Many Mansions and met Eric, Holly, and Pam, the property management leadership team at the time. We had a handful of interviews. I learned what exactly affordable housing was and what it provided to those less fortunate than myself.

I was given the opportunity to join the Many Mansions family in a small role as the manager of Peppertree. In my time there, and subsequently my time in Housing Central, I grew to fall in love with this organization and the mission it represents.
However, it wasn’t until I joined the Housing Development team that I really saw the bigger picture. The vastness of the homelessness epidemic along with the dedication and effort required to realize housing opportunities for these individuals is astounding.

At some point, I forgot I wanted to work in production at all. And as that dream faded, a new one replaced it. I found my true calling working with Many Mansions.