What We Bring

Written By Susan Cass

Susan Cass Many Mansions with a fellow member When I joined the Many Mansions Board of Directors, I thought about all that I could bring to the organization. I had experience in accounting, finance and teaching. I spent many years working at a company involved in housing. I arrogantly thought I had a lot to offer. I soon found that Many Mansions offered me much more in return.

From the residents, I learned about courage, perseverance, and resiliency in the face of life’s difficulties. From the employees, I learned about commitment and compassion. Both of these groups made a tremendous impression on me. But I have learned just as much from working with the Board of Directors. They are a diverse group with a wide range of ages and life experiences. Universally, they are here out of a sense of caring for their community.

There is a core group who have been on the Board for many years. Sister Lisa Megaffin embodies the concept of “faith in action.” Chris Soltow is as comfortable and knowledgeable offering development advice as he is tutoring a five-year-old at Homework Club. Marty Garcia, founder of the Vicky’s Fund Scholarship program, sets an example of leadership and generosity. Mario Diaz is a creative and resourceful problem solver. Gary Barnum is a dependable source of ideas, assistance, and advocacy. Karen Ingram is an articulate champion for our residents and those in need of housing. Kevin Kozal offers insightful legal perspectives. Nancy Moravec brings kindness to every task and communication. Dick Hus shows an exceptional sense of dedication. Jerry Petry contributes his business knowledge and intelligence.

More recent additions to the Board have also made rapid contributions. From day one, Doug Perry had an extraordinary commitment to learn and participate as much as possible. Tim Harrington offers cutting-edge business ideas and management skills. Skyler Wolpert, a long-time Homework Club volunteer, is an exuberant advocate. Our newest Board member, Mackenzie Mazen, has confidence and sincerity in her commitment to nonprofit work. Lastly, Rick Schroeder sets an example to us all, deftly managing a complex business with a caring and compassion for those served.

It’s my honor to serve on the Many Mansions Board of Directors, and I am grateful to my fellow Board members, our staff, and our residents for all you have taught me.