We Believe


Providing Homes, Inspiring Hope


At Many Mansions we believe everyone deserves a place to call home and an opportunity to improve their quality of life. In addition to well-run, dignified housing we provide on-site services and programs designed to help residents thrive.

Adult residents often need help finding work, managing their finances, and stabilizing their lives. Children need guidance to succeed in school, make healthy choices, and apply to college. To this end, supportive, life-changing services are offered on site and free of charge to all residents. Many Mansions After-School Club and Camp Many Mansions support children’s ability to succeed in school and embark on continuing education. Case Management and Life Skills Workshops help formerly homeless adults manage their finances, make healthy choices, and stabilize their lives. Food Assistance and Family Centered Workshops help families learn and grow together and meet basic needs.

Through these service programs we provide the opportunities and resources needed to strengthen each member of the family in the hopes of ending future generations of poverty. This combination of housing, services, and education provides a foundation of stability for families to grow and improve their lives together.