College & Career Program

At Many Mansions we emphasize access to higher learning and vocational training as a pathway out of poverty. With programming that spans from kindergarten to higher education, we have the benefit of supporting a young person’s growth and development over many years.

We aim to start early. Young teens, who just last year were Many Mansions Campers themselves, volunteer as Junior Counselors. They gain valuable job skills as young educators and participate in an official interview process and in post summer debriefs and resume writing workshops where they articulate and document their experience. They go on field trips to visit college campuses and participate in various teen events throughout the year meant to build community and provide exposure to continuing education options.

In junior and senior years staff reaches out to teens and their families to discuss college and career options and offer support in applications and in financial aid. Staff also serve as the bridge between parents and college counselors at the local high schools, to reduce barriers and ensure access. 

All residents – teens and otherwise – are eligible for Many Mansions’ financial aid support – Vicky’s Scholarship Fund. Many of them go on to build successful careers—sometimes at Many Mansions itself.

Thank you to our College & Career Program Sponsor!