Supportive Services

Many Mansions is the premier provider of Supportive Services in Ventura County.  

The Supportive Services program is designed to serve those who have experienced chronic homelessness and suffer from a disability.  

We strive to achieve three goals:  

  • For residents to remain stably housed; 
  • For residents to increase their life skills and income; 
  • And, for residents to achieve greater self-determination and reintegration in the community 

To meet these objectives, residents are supported by on-site case management staff that meet with them regularly to provide support, set goals, and identify resources and needed referrals.  Specialized life skills workshops and training are provided by staff and by partner organizations, and multiple events are held to support socialization and community building. This comprehensive approach that addresses mental, physical, socioeconomic, and social challenges has proven successful.  95% of Many Mansions residents achieved housing stability and improved quality of life over the past five years. 

For more program information please call Andrea Sallee, Director of Adult & Supportive Services at (805) 496-4948 ext. 285 or