Community Services

Many Mansions’ comprehensive Supportive Services program has demonstrated success, with 95% of our chronically homeless residents achieving housing stability over the past five years.

The NEW Community Services program, launched in 2022, builds on our Supportive Services expertise and increases the level of care we provide to hundreds of additional low and extremely-low income residents’ households. Our goal is to create opportunities for vulnerable members of our community while preventing individuals and families from slipping into homelessness.

Our goals are to provide:

  • Improved access to social services through Resource Fairs and other activities
  • Increased participation in programs and services, such a life skills workshops and other trainings
  • Enhanced service coordination referrals and additional individualized support for higher-needs households
  • Enhanced community integration through volunteer opportunities, residents councils, and community-building events




Resource Fairs Caravans

21 partnering organizations provided guidance to over 100 residents in our fall fairs. For Mental Health Awareness Month in the spring, we launched a themed “Mental Health” Resource Fair. 14 Ventura County Mental Health agencies provided resources and conducted workshops such as stress reduction through therapeutic painting and more.