Maintenance Policies

New Resident Orientation Excerpts:



Routine & Urgent Maintenance Requests may be placed Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM by calling our Maintenance Line at (805) 496-4948 Ext 242 or your Site Manager.  Please be sure to provide us with your name, full address, phone number and a detailed description of the problem and its location to help us address the issue quickly and correctly.Emergency and After-Hours Maintenance Requests may be placed Monday through Friday after 4:30 PM and/or on Weekends and Holidays by calling (805) 267-1423.  This number connects you to “Specialty Answering Service” which takes your information and forwards it to the active “On-Call” Maintenance Technician.  Be advised that your problem must fit our definition of an “emergency” in order for the Answering Service to request that the technician to respond immediately.  Otherwise, we will address your issue per the timelines described under Routine & Urgent Maintenance.  DO NOT USE THIS OPTION FOR NON-EMERGENCY MATTERS.If you are having any problems with maintenance service, please notify your Site Manager.


  • Please do exercise reasonable care for the appliance and equipment in your apartment and in the common areas of your community.
  • Please do report any maintenance or sanitation problems with your apartment and with the common areas of your community to your Site Manager right away so that we have the opportunity to respond and resolve the issue in a time fashion.


  • Please do not submit a maintenance request directly to a Custodian or Maintenance Technician who happens to be on your site.
    • We require all requests be routed through the Administrative Offices so that we can properly record and track maintenance activity in our Property Management System to insure that resident requests are properly assigned and scheduled for completion.
    • If you do not have telephone service, you may submit a maintenance request to your Site Manager.
  • Please do not attempt to make repairs to appliances or equipment owned/supplied by Many Mansions.
    • This puts you at risk of injury and may create liability on your part for the cost of additional repairs or replacement.

TYPES OF MAINTENANCE SERVICEResident requests for Maintenance Service are generally divided into 3 categories:Routine Maintenance is defined as work needed that does not present an immediate threat to the health and safety of your family or the property.  Some examples are:Replacing a light bulbRepairing Non-functioning dishwasher unitInstalling/Repairing a closet doorRoutine Maintenance requests are scheduled for completion in 5-10 business days.Urgent Maintenance is defined as work needed that does not present an immediate threat to the health and safety of the residents or the property but, if not corrected soon, can result in injury, damage, loss or major inconvenience.  Some examples are:Clogged Sink drainMalfunctioning RefrigeratorClogged Toilet (for units with two bathrooms)Urgent Maintenance requests are scheduled for completion in 2-4 business daysEmergency Maintenance is defined as work that is an immediate threat to the health and safety of the residents or the property and must be corrected immediately.  Some examples are:Water intrusions such as leaking pipes, overflows, sewer back-ups, etcElectrical failures or short-circuitsNon-functioning Smoke DetectorBroken Locks on Doors or WindowsNo Heat in winterNo Air Conditioning in summerClogged Toilet (for units with one bathroom only)Emergency Maintenance requests are scheduled for completion in 3-24 hoursAfter-Hours Maintenance describes service requests made outside regular business hours.  Some examples are:Evenings, Overnight, Early Mornings (3:30 PM & 8:30 AM)Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)Observed Holidays (see Many Mansions Holiday List)Task must meet “Emergency” definition to warrant an After-hours visit.
If you have a maintenance issue that does not appear to fit any of the categories above, feel free to notify your Site Manager or the staff at the Housing Central Maintenance Line.  One such issue may be a problem in the common areas of the property.  Examples include:  non-working elevator, graffiti on a wall or stairwell, damage to a carport, etc.  We always appreciate extra eyes and ears to keep us aware of common area problems so we can correct them quickly.SPECIAL NOTES ON AFTER-HOURS “LOCK-OUT” SITUATIONS:

  • Requesting person should contact the Site Manager OR the Emergency/After Hours Maintenance Number.
  • Requesting person must be a registered household member who is on the current lease agreement.
  • Requesting person must be a legal adult; 18 yrs or older.
  • Requesting person must show acceptable government issued, photo identification to staff before Apartment Access will be granted.
  • Requesting person must be sign for Apartment Access.
  • Cost shall be $50.00 per incident and shall be billed as a maintenance charge.
  • Charge is due and payable within 30 days of receipt of billing.


Many Mansions provides “in-house” maintenance services to insure that the property and your apartment remain operational and in good condition for the safety and well being of our residents and staff.  However, it is important for you to keep in mind that services provided in response to issues involving resident abuse, misuse or neglect can result in a charge.  Should this occur, you must address any disagreements with your Site Manager within five (5) days of receiving the charge notice.*************************************************

Lease Excerpts:

  • CONDITION OF PREMISES.  Lessee has inspected the unit, and everything is satisfactory.  All plumbing, heating and electrical equipment is working properly.  Lessee agrees to keep the premises clean, sanitary and in good order and repair during the term of this tenancy and to return them to the Lessor in the same condition when Lessee leaves.  Lessee further agrees to immediately notify Lessor of any damage and pay for costs to repair and/or replace any portion of the property damaged by the Lessee or his/her guest(s) and/or invitee(s).  If Lessee has any complaint regarding the unit or any part there of, Lessee agrees that the complaint shall be given to the Lessor in writing.  For routine maintenance service during business hours please contact the maintenance department at (805) 497-0344 Ext 123 or (805) 496-4948 Ext 242.  For emergency maintenance (such as a safety issue, or something that is going to cause immediate damage to your unit, i.e. a flooding toilet, electrical problem, etc.), please contact the maintenance department at (805) 496-4948 Ext 242 during business hours OR at (805) 267-1423 After Hours, Holidays and Weekends.

Lessee will be provided with a copy of the move-in condition report.  Signing the condition report affirms the Lessee’s acceptance of the unit as-is and lessee will be responsible for the cost of repairing any damages at move-out.

  • MAINTENANCE AND ALTERATIONS.  Lessee shall not paint, wallpaper, alter or redecorate, change or install locks or install antennae, screws, fastening devices, nails, adhesive materials, signs, displays, additional window coverings of any kind, or equipment on or in any portion of the premises without the written consent of the Lessor, except where the law gives the Lessee such right.  Locks installed by the Lessee are prohibited and will be removed at the cost of the Lessee.  Lessee shall deposit all garbage and waste in a clean and sanitary manner inside plastic bags with top securely closed into the proper receptacles as provided and shall cooperate in keeping the trash area neat and clean.  Bins provided are to be used for garbage disposal only and may not be used for disposal of furniture or other large items.

Lease Addendum “House Rules” Excerpts:

LOCKS AND KEYS:  No locks shall be changed, or added in any way to any door except with prior written consent of “Many Mansions”.  You are issued one set of keys.  There is a charge for replacing lost keys, opening doors for resident lock out, and for keys residents fail to return.

MAINTENANCE:  All regular maintenance requests should be called into the housing central office maintenance request message line at (805) 497-0344 Ext 123 or into the main office at (805) 496-4948 Ext 242 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.  These requests will generate work orders, which will then be scheduled for completion by maintenance personnel.  Except in an emergency, a maintenance request should not be given to the maintenance personnel on the grounds.  Emergencies that occur after office hours, on weekends and on holidays should be reported by calling (805) 267-1423 .  Please give your name, address, and telephone number so our assigned service staff can call you for the necessary information to correct the problem.

MAINTENANCE INSPECTION:  These inspections provide a regular opportunity for you to tell us of any concerns you have that may not have been addressed through other channels.  Therefore, it is recommended that, if possible, you should be present during these inspections to discuss matters of mutual concern.  Normal maintenance inspections are conducted semi-annually – you will receive a minimum 24-hour notice before all scheduled inspections.
Note:   All concerns related to requested repairs or inspection repairs that result in a charge need to be reported to the property management office within five days after completion of the work.

PLUMBING & APPLIANCES:  Resident agrees not to place any foreign objects or substances in the plumbing and agrees to pay for the repair of any damage or blockage which Resident causes.  Items such as sanitary napkins, toys, grease and coffee grounds should not be put in plumbing.  Garbage disposal:  Always run cold water down the drain when using.  Items such as bones, nuts, olive or fruit pits, shellfish, celery, banana peels, artichoke leaves or cornhusks will damage disposal and the cost of repair will be the responsibility of Resident.  Appliances:  All appliances should be cleaned regularly:  Do not use abrasive cleaners on appliances.  Do not use sharp objects to defrost freezers: any damage to the freezer will be the responsibility of the Resident and may cost a minimum of $150.00 to repair.

PAYMENT OF DAMAGES:  Any damage to the unit or grounds immediate to the unit caused by carelessness, misuse or neglect on the part of the resident, his/her household members, visitors, guests or invitees, the resident agrees to pay the costs of repairs and to do so within 30 days of receipt of the landlords demand for the repair charge.

SMOKE DETECTORS:  The California Fire Prevention Code specifies that smoke detectors should be tested on a regular basis.  If your smoke detector is battery operated, you must check it at lease once a week to be sure it operates properly.  If you smoke detector is “hard wired” (electric) you will need to check it at least monthly

By initialing this section, the resident acknowledges the requirements for inspection and testing of the unit smoke detector(s), and agrees to perform such inspections and tests throughout the term of the lease.

If your smoke detector is found to be disconnected or removed, you will be a charged for reconnection, replacement and/or re-installation and you will be issued a 3-Day “Perform or Quit” Notice that can lead to eviction.

SATELLITE DISHES: “Many Mansions” will permit Resident(s) to install a satellite dish for personal, private use on the Premise under the following conditions:

  1. The satellite dish must be one meter or less in diameter:
  2. The satellite dish may only be installed on this inside balcony, patio, or terrace that is under exclusively control of Resident(s). Said satellite, or dish or any part thereof, shall not extent beyond the balcony, patio or terrace railing;
  3. Resident(s) is specially prohibited from making physical modifications to the Premises and is prohibited from installing said satellite dish in the common areas of the Property, including, but not limited to, outside walls, roofs, window sills, common balconies or stairways;
  4. Resident(s) shall not install said satellite dish in a manner which causes physical or structural damage to the Premises, excluding ordinary wear and tear, including, but not limited to, holes drilled through exterior walls;
  5. Resident(s) shall install, maintain and remove said satellite dish in a manner which is consistent with industry standards and shall be liable for any damages or injury sustained as a result of the negligent installation, maintenance or removal of said satellite dish;
  6. Resident(s) shall indemnify, defend, protect and hold Landlord harmless for any damages or injury resulting from any such negligence referred to in sub-paragraph 5 above, including, without limitation, attorney fees and cost and court costs;
  7. Resident(s) shall pay $150.00 to “Many Mansions” as additional security deposit prior to installation of said satellite dish.