Our Services

Children Services

Many Mansions’ Children and Adult Services programs provide life-enriching programs to our residents under the Services Department.

It is Many Mansions’ hope that these services will help residents break free from the cycle of poverty and become self sufficient members of our community.

The role of the department is to provide programs and opportunities for the resident adults and children of Many Mansions that encourage and develop clients’ self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and senses of pride, achievement, and agency. We are responsible for providing programs that are educational and beneficial, and maintaining their consistency for all clients.

As part of our responsibilities, we encourage safety in all activities and act as mentors and good examples to our clients. In turn, this helps our residents take responsibility for their choices and empowers them to make informed decisions in the future.

Vicky’s Scholarship Fund:

Vicky’s Scholarship Fund is a a special scholarship program for Many Mansions residents pursing education. For more information click here.

Please return completed scholarship applications to Mary Ellen Lykken at Many Mansions’ Main Office by March 15, 2016.

Services Staff:

Director of Supportive & Adult Services: Heidi Marine – (805) 601-5368

Director of Children’s Services: Coreen Ellrott – (805) 601-5370

Community Rooms:

Villa Garcia Community Room – (805) 777-7922
Shadow Hills Community Room – (805) 379-1216
Hacienda de Feliz Community Room – (805) 557-2723
Hillcrest Villas Community Room – (805) 601-5169