Volunteer of the Month February 2015


Congratulations to Stacy Hatfield our Volunteer of the Month for February!

Her bright smile and sunny disposition are always a welcome sight at the Villa Garcia HTC on Wednesdays. She also helps out with Summer  Camp and many other Many Mansions’ projects. She began volunteering about four years ago, but committed on a regular basis after she graduated from college. You may find her working alongside her mother at some of these projects for her mom is a volunteer, too, and is the person who introduced Stacy to Many Mansions. Stacy volunteers to “pay it forward.” She remembers all the help she received throughout her years in school from her parents and peers, and wanted to give the same gift of “help” to others. The HTC at Many Mansions is the perfect way! She loves how her math skills are so appreciated by the students, and how students will ask for her, specifically, to help them with their homework! Stacy would encourage anyone thinking about volunteering at Many Mansions to take the leap — she finds it amazing to see how the students at HTC grow and progress from week to week and year to year with the help they receive from volunteers!