Volunteer of the Month September 2015

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Congratulations to Missy Stansbury our Volunteer of the Month for September!

Missy Stanbury has volunteered on Thursday afternoons at the Shadow Hills Homework Tutoring Club for 4 years now. She brings a warmth and calmness to the room that makes the students feel safe in her presence and allows the quieter students that are more shy to open-up and blossom! She says that her favorite people in the world are K-12 students! She loves how they are uninhibited, extremely clever, and welcoming. She also loves how they “think outside the box”. Missy is dedicated, truly cares for each student, and she is an amazing volunteer!

Missy is retired from her court reporting career after many years. She now enjoys being a clerical worker for a small company very close to her home. She and her husband have 2 fabulous daughters! They have had many pets over the years and all but one have been rescues! Each one has become a member of their family.

She is definitely a “people person.” She loves to meet new people and learn about their lives and experiences and pick up on new ideas! Some of her favorite things are: live theater, LA Philharmonic concerts, art museums, gardening, and spending time with her friends. Missy is also a voracious reader! Since reading is such a big part of HTC, she tells the students that reading gives her a break from her daily routine, helps her relax, provides endless entertainment, and opens up whole new worlds!

Missy thinks that the HTC program that the Children Services Staff runs at Shadow Hills is awesome! The staff are wonderful teachers, motivators, and supervisors, and give the students the tools they need to succeed.

The greatest Many Mansion reward for Missy have been being able to participate in the students’ learning experiences and observe them reach for and attain their goals in a positive environment! Missy has been a big part of that positive environment.