Giving With A Heart

Amanda Haver

My name is Amanda Haver. I volunteer with Food Share once a month, help out with Bowls of Hope once a year, and do other volunteering for Many Mansions throughout the year.

I first heard about Many Mansions when I was a teacher at Park Oaks Elementary. A few of my students were residents. They were in the children’s programs, which included tutoring services. My students who were supported by Many Mansions always came to school prepared for learning. Naturally, when my husband and I wanted to teach our own children about giving back to the community, we looked to Many Mansions for their first experiences with volunteering.

My first experience with Bowls of Hope was as a volunteer in the food & beverage section. I loved joining the planning committee and working with the staff of Many Mansions to coordinate the event. The purpose of Bowls of Hope has always been clear: to raise awareness of Many Mansions and its housing and programs that assists families. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!

Every year, on the day of the event, I’m always running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But I like to take a minute to stop. I look out at the full room of volunteers and participants, trying soups and having pleasant conversations, and it fills me with such pride and contentment. I go home, soak my feet, and think about next year.

I am completely moved by the stories of the Many Mansions residents at this event. I love to hear how they’ve fought through life and gotten a boost from Many Mansions in one way or another. I also love to hear about the residents who have been given the tools that they needed to succeed at a job interview or that have been able to provide for their families.

Another simple thing I love about Bowls of Hope is that everyone gets a bowl… and someone made that thing by hand, with love! You bring it home and fill it with your own nourishment, and you remember.

We’re on this Earth to serve, to love one another, and to spread kindness in our day-to-day interactions. In this, Many Mansions is an organization we can wholeheartedly support.