Bowls of Hope

Written by Glenn Kassel

glenn-kassel-515x359 The Bowls of Hope has always been an exciting event to look forward to each year! I remember my first one nine or ten years ago. I was asked to be a greeter. I was amazed at all dignitaries attending and so enjoyed meeting and chatting with them as they arrived. They all had such wonderful things to say about Many Mansions and what the organization means to the community. This made me feel very proud to be a volunteer.

I also remember the year that it was raining cats and dogs! I felt for sure, as did many, that the turn-out would be low that year. However, it turned out to be a success! I can still see the vision of people in wheelchairs being brought in soaking wet but with smiles on their faces. Everyone was wet but so happy to be there!

Then there was the year that the event had its first Wine Pull. Wow! This was such a great idea! It actually is a blur in my memory for things moved quickly. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to pay for a bottle of wine in support of Many Mansions. I think we sold all of the wine in half an hour! Amazing!

But my favorite part of Bowls of Hope is seeing the children from Homework Club there with their parents and other family members. Being a volunteer at Homework Club for many years, I got to know the children and watch them grow and progress in their schoolwork. This is reward enough! However, to hear their parents tell you how much the Homework Club helps their
children is “the icing on the cake”!