Reaching Potential With Kindness and Love


Written by Karen Millet

I came to Many Mansions via Susan Cass.

Sue mentioned this organization when I was looking for volunteer positions to allow me to continue working with the community in some way. Previously, I had held various volunteer positions in the school system from elementary through high school.  There was always something or someone that needed a helping hand.

One of my favorite jobs was working with children in elementary. I was hoping to return to that in some way. Homework Club seemed like a good match as I would be able to work with young children again. Many Mansions is such an amazing organization, and Homework Club and summer camp are integral parts of what makes it so special.

I love working with children. I’ve volunteered at both Hillcrest and Hacienda. Every child I have met over the years has blossomed in Homework Club. I’ve seen timid children become more self-confident and outgoing. I’ve seen rambunctious children settle down and discover subjects that they thought they might never like.

For example, Farah has always been gentle and helpful! She draws so well that she has given that love to others like Isabella. Isabella was a bit wild in the beginning, but she was also a very smart girl. I watched her became calmer when she got more confident, thanks to the program. Zelda, on the other hand, never liked do anything but play in the beginning. Now, she does her homework without grumbling, and she likes to read!

So many stories of success from these programs validated what I always felt: education and helping children reach their potential with kindness and love will make all the difference between success and failure.