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Your Stimulus Check – GIVE to Those in Need!

The lives of Luis and his father, George, a disabled veteran, turned around when they moved to Many Mansions. They now have a stable place to call home which makes it possible for George to get to the dialysis clinic for his scheduled appointments with certainty.

Alarmingly, Luis’s car broke down recently. Skipping a dialysis appointment can be life threatening. So, Luis turned to Many Mansions for assistance.  Many Mansions immediately provided a grant from our Resident Emergency Need Fund.  Luis was able to take his father to the dialysis clinic in a timely manner. 

The Resident Emergency Need Fund helps residents when they need immediate financial assistance.  It is used for a range of unexpected difficulties including car repair, groceries, gas to get to work, and even diapers.  A resident can receive assistance once a year for a maximum of $500.

Donate all, or part, of your stimulus check to help families who are living on the edge and an unexpected expense will put them over. Know you have invested your check in the most meaningful way, helping a neighbor in difficult circumstances.

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