Our Volunteers

Many Mansions has many wonderful volunteers that contribute their time, energy, and hearts to our mission. They support our efforts to break the cycle of poverty in Ventura County, and we could not succeed without their help.

We would like to share their stories with you!


Thank You Yanira!

Yanira has been with Many Mansions for almost 2 and a half years! She is one of our amazing volunteers that comes through Bank of America.

Since the beginning, Yanira has been completely committed to our food assistance program, FOOD Share. Yanira is our liaison between the FOOD Share program and Bank of America. She contacts her fellow employees for sign-ups, turns in the roster, and helps lead the event alongside our staff. Yanira is so dedicated to the program that she has only missed 3 days in 2 and a half years of volunteering!

Aside from FOOD Share, she has led several financial literacy workshops for our residents at different sites. She continues to work with our residential services staff to plan more in the future. But wait! There’s more! Yanira has also supported some of our major events, such as Bowls of Hope and our recent 40th Anniversary Celebration, where she was a complete rock star!



Thank You Leslie & Olivia!

Leslie and Olivia have been supporting Many Mansions for a long time. In fact, Leslie started volunteering with her two older children in 2013, then in 2015 Olivia joined the volunteer team too!

This mother, daughter duo volunteers at Many Mansions through the volunteer organization National Charity League- Conejo Valley Chapter. In their time, here at Many Mansion they have helped with volunteer opportunities such as Homework Club, Special Events, NCL Summer Camp Prep Day, and Summer Camp. They even go beyond to support our various donation drives throughout the year.

This summer 2019 the two were especially helpful at not one, but two of our Children’s Services sites, Shadow Hills and Villa Garcia! They split the week between the sites, and helping the staff along the way. The Shadow Hills Coordinator had this to say about the duo: “They were always on top of things, I never needed to instruct them. They just knew what to do. They would always sit with the campers that needed the most attention, which really helped the staff with the rest of the group.”



Thank You Stu & Co!

Stu and Co have been supporting Many Mansions for many years. They support a number of our new projects, events, and volunteer opportunities as each year passes.

We have been lucky to have their assistance with Children Services Game Nights, and various fundraising events. However, where they’ve shined the most is with our service projects.

We can always count on Stu and Co to have a paint brush or hammer in hand. Recently, the two came to help us build dressers for our new veterans project, Ormond Beach Villas. We had furniture that needed to be built for a whopping 18 units, and the two helped us put a major dent in our to-do list for that project. Go, Stu and Co!

Besides helping with volunteer needs, they have stepped up and supported a number of our events such as the Volunteer Recognition Breakfast and the Vicky’s Scholarship Ceremony at their church Conejo Valley Church of Christ! They also have been spotted at our fundraising and benefit events like Bowls of Hope and the Conejo Valley Food and Wine Festival.



Thank You Elmer!

Elmer has volunteered with Many Mansions since 2014. Elmer is all about our data, specifically our volunteer data.

Each month, he collects all of our volunteer sign-in information and compiles them for our use. Among other things, Elmer helps us consolidate individual volunteer hours, volunteer group hours, and the number of active and unique volunteers in our program.

Elmer attributes his love for volunteering to his time in Boy Scouts. Elmer is also a true data wizard! When he isn’t working with us, he also assists five other organizations in Ventura County with similar tasks!

Elmer is well known for sharing fun educational tidbits with staff and volunteers! Every month, he delivers his packet of statistics with a sheet on historical stories and facts for each day of the month. We are so grateful for all Elmer does to keep our data up to date!