Vicky’s Scholarship Fund Application


A Many Mansions Scholarship Fund

The Story of Vicky’s Fund

Vicky’s Fund was established in memory of Victoria Garcia, mother of longtime Many Mansions Board Member, Marty Garcia. The goal of the scholarship fund is to assist the residents to improve their lives through continued education by providing them with financial assistance to help fulfill their dreams of career, family and community.

“I was told once that teaching was like dropping a stone in a pond: you never know how far the ripples will travel. Many Mansions drops the stone in the pond by providing so many in our community a safe, affordable home along with supportive services and programs. But more importantly the message is given that everyone deserves not only a home but a chance for a better future. We will never know how far those ripples of hope will travel.” (Kitty Soltow)

If you would like to make a difference in the lives and education of the residents consider making a donation for Vicky’s Scholarship Fund.

Through support of our community members this scholarship helps support the “ripples of hope” for the residents to fulfill their dreams. With your contribution to Many Mansions you help insure that the “ripples of hope” continue to resonate throughout our community. Donate today and help make a resident of Many Mansion’s dreams come true.

Donations can be made by mail, in person, or electronically through our Donate Now page.


Eligible applicants (only open to current Many Mansions residents)

A Many Mansions resident who is:
a. A senior graduating from high school this year, or a current college student.
b. An incoming or current student in an accredited technical school, a vocational school or post high school educational program.
c. An adult seeking a GED certificate.
d. Previous Vicky’s Scholarship Fund winners who continue to meet criteria. (Note: maximum of 4 scholarships will be awarded to each winner).
e. Applicants younger than 18 require the signature of a parent or guardian on the application.

Acceptable uses of the scholarship award

a. Tuition and other school fees.
b. Books, computers, printers, supplies and/or materials.
c. Professional tutoring or preparatory classes.
d. Other school related expenses upon approval.

Disbursement of funds

Scholarship awards will be sent directly to the appropriate institution, educational service or by special arrangement as necessary. Funds will be deposited in the student account, upon proof of enrollment. Scholarships must be used within 2 years.

Scholarship Calendar – 2021

January 4: Application forms will be available
March 12: Deadline for submission of applications, including letters of recommendation
April 5th – 23rd: Interviews by the Scholarship Committee
Late April/Early May: Notification of scholarship recipients
Saturday, August (TBD): Vicky’s Scholarship Awards Reception (COVID Permitting)

Applications can be emailed or mailed to
 Vicky’s Scholarship Fund Committee

Many Mansions – Attention Karen Benko
1259 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


Download the application form here.


Vicky’s Fund-Many Mansions Scholarship 2021 Application Form

  • What are your post-high school educational plans?

  • Extra-curricular activites

  • List full- or part-time jobs you have held in the past 2 years, if applicable.

  • Accepted file types: word, pdf, jpg, Max. file size: 5 MB.
    One letter of recommendation is REQUIRED for new applicants. Please upload a PDF letter.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.