Getting Back On Your Feet

Written By Willow Cleverly

Willow-Cleverly-photoHomelessness and lack of affordable housing are issues that are not going away. I support Many Mansions because I hope that everyone can have access to housing and support. We all have a brother, a mother, a child, or a friend who could benefit from the services offered at Many Mansions. In supporting Many Mansions, we are directly supporting our community. This community not only includes the residents, but the staff as well.

I greatly admire how Many Mansions works with the residents to ensure they feel supported. I have seen this through workshops, case management, children services staff, and property managers. If the residents need support with groceries, resumes, or rides, the staff tries to assist them in any way they can.

One story that inspired me was about one of the resident kids who attended Homework Club. When she first started Homework Club, she was quiet and reserved. She didn’t want to do her homework, she didn’t like school, and she had no motivation to do it. After asking her why she didn’t like school, she told me it was because she didn’t have any friends and no one paid attention to her.

A few weeks into Homework Club, though, she did start making friends. She started coming every day. After finishing her homework, she would play games with the other kids until the program closed. With the one-on-one help that she received with homework, she was getting better grades and wasn’t so upset by her homework. By the end of the year, she appeared to be happier and more motivated. Some of the kids from Homework Club also went to her school, so she had more friends at school itself. Over the course of the year, her whole outlook on school and homework changed, just because of our programs.

That is the kind of effect Many Mansions has on its residents. Having consistent and reliable support in your life in addition to reliable housing can make the world of a difference in recovery or in getting back on your feet. It’s not easy putting your life back together when you are worried about where you are going to sleep or how you are going to get your next meal.

From Many Mansions, I’ve learned that sometimes because of forces they can’t control, people end up needing assistance or extra support in their lives. It has taught me that we are very close to those in need. We all have a connection. It also has taught me the complexity of helping the community. Progress is not linear, and sometimes getting back on your feet takes some time.