The Power of Children Services

Written By Margaret Harrison

Margaret-Harrison-photoGrowing up attending the same church as Rick Schroeder, the President of Many Mansions, I have known about the organization my whole life. Once I came to work with Many Mansions, however, I learned just how many services the organization provides. This has been the most surprising thing to me. There is so much work that goes behind every service we are able to provide. It is easy to look at what we do, and forget about all of the money, fundraising, and outreach efforts that go into achieving the goals of our organization.

I originally came to Many Mansions because I was looking for something to do over the summer after my first year of college. At the time, Many Mansions was looking for interns. Hearing this, my mom encouraged me to get out of the house and get involved. Soon enough, I was interning with Many Mansions, working in both Children Services and Resource Development.

I love that Children Services is able to provide Homework Club. I believe this service really makes the most difference in a resident student’s life. It is so rewarding to see them have a breakthrough after struggling with something and know that we were able to help them achieve this. We even get to see the resident children go on to graduate from high school. I remember watching one resident in particular graduate and then go on to accept an award and scholarship. She was so sweet to credit Children Services and Many Mansions staff for her accomplishments. Even though she did the majority of the work herself, I’m glad we were able to be there to help her when she needed it.

One child in particular always comes to mind when I think about all of the residents who have used the programs offered by Children Services. This student has spent several years at Many Mansions coming to programs such as Homework Tutoring Club and summer camp. It’s truly amazing to see how much he has grown and fits in with everyone. He has come out of his shell and has become such a great addition to the site. He was a bit more reserved and not as social when he first came to us. Now, he runs into Homework Club every single day, ten minutes early, and we have to tell him he still has a few more minutes before we start. He is such a positive light. Even if he is struggling on his homework, he is always trying to help others and remains optimistic through it all.

There are not many organizations out there that offer housing and services to kids, adults, and families the way that we do. It is the compounding effect of all the services we provide that makes Many Mansions what it is, and we really run this organization like a family. When people support Many Mansions, they are supporting an organization that is doing their best to be there for each other and do good in this world.