Life filled with optimism and promise

“Thank you for your commitment to making sure that people can be inspired, empowered…” – Jade*

Having an opportunity to express my gratitude for being able to live, raise my son, and go to school in a community that makes sure that people can accomplish their dreams has been such a blessing. I moved to California after being informed that I wouldn’t have a place to live with my young son upon my arrival. I was left to find housing. We slept in our car, lived at a shelter, and spent a month in an RV on a farm all while I took my son to school, and found work. This was the end of 2012 when I applied for housing through Many Mansions.

Your organization offered us mental health support, food, holiday gifts, onsite support, school Scholarships, and all the moral support needed to get over any hurdles. I have worked so hard to keep stability and consistency. Honestly, if it had not been for Many Mansions, I’m not certain where we would have ended up. Today I am a College Graduate with three AA’s and am continuing my pursuit to a higher education. My son is a fulltime college student that is also working towards his first degree. Your support changed our lives. I am truly thankful for the blessing that I have had and continue to have to keep growing. What a gift it has been to be offered residency in a safe surrounding that enables people from all walks of life to also have stability.

There isn’t enough gratitude that I can express for all that you do to help people that for one reason or another have fallen on hard times. It is with the deepest amount of appreciation that I say thank you for being here. Thank you for your commitment to making sure that people can be inspired, empowered, and live a life filled with optimism and promise.

*Name changed to protect resident’s privacy