Volunteer of the Year: Glenn Kassel

“We must not bury our heads in the sand instead of confronting the problems of homelessness. Difficult issues require brave, determined, intelligent confrontations.”

~ Glenn Kassel, Many Mansions Volunteer

Glenn discovered Many Mansions while researching local housing nonprofits for a friend who wanted to volunteer. Intrigued, Glenn immediately called and began her wonderful relationship with Many Mansions. Glenn is supportive, passionate, and outspoken about Many Mansions’ mission, and truly shares in our desire to provide families with “hope and homes.”

Glenn’s heart for service stems from two central beliefs she holds about the human experience. First, children are the reason and inspiration for many of our cultural practices, and yet the least represented members of society. She has always been deeply passionate about helping children in whatever way she can, and is committed to helping give them a voice. Glenn’s second core belief that provides a foundation for her volunteering service both at Many Mansions and elsewhere is the belief that if we call ourselves a civilized society, then we must house our citizens. To quote her, “We must not bury our heads in the sand instead of confronting the problems of homelessness. Difficult issues require brave, determined, intelligent confrontations.” Many Mansions is unique in our approach to combatting homelessness, providing a combination of safe housing and enriching services not seen elsewhere. This unique blend of service provision has drawn invaluable volunteers like Glenn to us, and leads them to truly become invested in our inspiring mission and service programs and to become advocates for us in the community.

Glenn volunteers for Many Mansions in several areas, and is thoroughly engaged in every aspect of our mission. Glenn volunteers as a tutor in the Children’s Program, as a receptionist in our front office, and assists with our semi-annual fundraising event, the Bowls of Hope.

With a deeply held belief that children are our future, and Glenn’s personal light, she first began working with our children’s program in 2009 and has never stopped. As a volunteer in our Homework Tutoring Club, Glenn has been a wonderful mentor, tutor, and friend to the children and an incredible support to the staff. Glenn is a wonderful, patient and compassionate woman. She is so very supportive of each and every one of the kids who attend the Homework Tutoring Club at Shadow Hills. The kids and staff adore her and look forward to seeing her every Thursday.  Over the past six years, she has devoted her precious time, remarkable effort and her whole heart to assisting children with their education, forming deep and trusting relationships, and helping open their eyes to a better and brighter future full of potential and opportunities.

In addition to her commitment to the Children’s Program Glenn has been a very significant volunteer at the Many Mansions front office.  She is not only flexible, committed and willing to work on any task; but she also has a very special way of taking care of everyone who walks through our door.  Her genuine care for people is demonstrated in the way she greets the mail carrier to taking a personal interest in all of the staff’s lives.  Affectionately known as the chocolate lady, Glenn provides so much more than the rejuvenating weekly chocolate fix for staff. She provides support and assistance by running our front office reception desk each week, and is a shining light to staff with her bright eyes and encouraging words.

Glenn’s commitment to Many Mansions goes beyond the weekly hours she is present at our organization. She carries her care and concern for Many Mansions with her wherever she goes, and is constantly sending opportunities and resources our way – from new funding sources to new volunteers – she is always looking out for us.